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Thru the rock...

Thru the rock...

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Thru the rock...

From inside Cave Rock, Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand looking out through an opening in the side... there was some sporting event in progress... November 05

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  • Sarndra 22/01/2006 6:05

    :-) Jaime. No i didn't use a tripod and infact was an impromptu shot as i had met someone at this seaside area for a coffee date and yes its an amazing cave..full of water at high tide. I have no idea what was going on outside of the cave...i figure it was a sporting event.

    I use a Sony DSC W1 so it's rather compact. This photo appeared shaky only AFTER i had used Irfanview to rotate so i'm not sure why it did that.

    LOL tripod seems to be the order of the day doesn't it! So yes... i will do that somewhere along the line :-)

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 22/01/2006 2:13

    this is a great shot, did you use a tripod?
    love how you have gone into this amazing cave and shot outside, what was the event happning outside on the beach?
    i can see a camera shake a bit, do you have any lens? ot do you have a compact digital camera?
    in B&W and a bit more focused this would be a great photo, you should go back there with a tripod and get some more of this beautiful cave.
  • Sarndra 18/01/2006 5:44

    LOL well thanx guys...but like i said to Rob... i was actually on a coffee date at the time and didn't intend taking pics :-)..
  • Mirek Endys 17/01/2006 23:36

    typical dilema photo... in case you dont have good lighting or flashing system.:
    do you want the great picture of the people on the beach? You have to lost the structure of the rock...
    Make the mettering direction to the people on the beach... it will set your camera to lower exposition. You will lost the structure of the rock but the beach with the people will be exposed well.

    Do you mean that the rock structure is imortant? You have to lost the beach and people. Make mettering direction to the rock. You will lost the sky and beach and people (it will be burned), but the structure of the rock will be perfect.

    And... a little bit correction of the tripod needings.
    You can hold the shutter speed like inverse value of the focal length... you can hold 1/30 sec with 30mm focal length, 1/50 with 50mm, 1/200 with 200mm focal length.... (thats a little help for amateurs) you can be better if you will practise enough :)
  • Kenny Jazz 17/01/2006 23:14

    Sandra, Rob already told you evererething. I just add that idea is good - I prefere to use tripod in such rare places. Also horizont line is not horizontal - next time watch out for strait line. Sloop of compozition no need here.
  • Martin Schenkemeyer 22/12/2005 16:15

    Not bad. Nice perspective.
  • Sarndra 02/12/2005 7:08

    Thanks for the comments Rob... i don't cart tripods with me on a coffee date LOL! .... and oddly enough when i was rotating the pic in Irfanview, it made the rocks appear like that...the original pic has no blurring at all on, but it is uneven
  • Rob Brydon 01/12/2005 13:43

    Good shot Sarn but a wee bit of camera shake. I can see that the location was not able to give you the light you needed to get a faster shutter speed to hand hold. Try finding a tripod especially if the shutter is going under 1/30th to 1/60th or set the camera on something and use the self timer..Good to see you out and about on our lovely coastline..Good stuff..Cheers..Rob
  • Jessica McBrearty 29/11/2005 9:06

    Nice composition :-D