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  • Dirk Hofmann 19/02/2005 9:39

    yeah ... i almost thought so ... to get them into the front you would probably have had to go on the other hill ...
  • Kanat YILMAZ 19/02/2005 5:08

    You're right Dirk,
    I think I'm gonna crop out of the bottom as Tomasso suggested. Actually this was the only composition that I could.
  • Dirk Hofmann 19/02/2005 4:31

    i don't like the composition without being able to tell you how to improve it ...

    it's hard to talk about a shooting situation which i don't know ...

    when i saw it for the first time it thought it would be better to have those trees more in the foreground, but like i said: don't know if this would have been possible at this location ...
  • JVision 18/02/2005 22:06

    I like it very much the three trees in the snow :-)
    It works great in black and white.
  • Kanat YILMAZ 18/02/2005 9:54

    Oh, thank you so much for your critique Tomasso, It means too much to me. You're exactly right. I'll do it...Cheers.
  • Tomasso Hall 18/02/2005 8:23

    oops forgot something. Personall I would have cloned or used the healing brush to take out the shadows of the trees on the right and then maybe crop a bit out of the botom. But then again you might be a purist and hate doing that to an original :). Still, I like it.
  • Tomasso Hall 18/02/2005 8:21

    Nice one Kanat. Apart from loving snow and snowboarding I enjoy black and white images that are different. Wells een. Tom