Thomas Point Light - No.1

Thomas Point Light - No.1

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Thomas Point Light - No.1

Officially known as the Thomas Point Shoal Light (or Light Station), the hexagonal one-and-one-half story white
cottage, topped by its flashing beacon, sits at the mouth of South River in the Chesapeake Bay off Annapolis.

It is Maryland's most recognizable lighthouse and an icon in the Chesapeake Bay region. It sits on a
screwpile base of iron columns set in the floor of the Bay. It opened in 1875 and by 1964 was the last
manned lighthouse in the Bay. It was automated in 1986 and is currently the last unaltered screwpile
cottage-type lighthouse on its original foundation in the Chesapeake Bay.

Thomas Point Light received National Historic Landmark status in 1999.

It was photographed in the late day sunshine of an early autumn afternoon.

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