This island is not for sale

This island is not for sale

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Peter Iden

Free Account, Brampton, Ontario

This island is not for sale

Canadians love islands. After all, we have more than 52,000 in our
three oceans - the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans.

In addition, Canada's inland lakes and rivers harbour several hundred
thousand islands of all sizes - the largest being Manitoulin Island.
in Lake Huron, Ontario with 1,068 sq. miles or 2,766 sq. kilometers.

Many of even our smallest islands already have cottages (summer
houses) on them, and many more are still for sale - at the right price!

But not this one, in the middle of the Sunwapta River in Jasper National
Park, Alberta, immediately before the river falls into a turbulent gorge!

It would be like having a cottage just above the Niagara Falls in Ontario.

Imagine going for a quick swim in this river!

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