The village senate

The village senate

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alexander stefanatos

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The village senate

That's an old habit in all Greek villages, senior citizens to gather, especially on Sundays after the church service,in village's central square and discuss for hours the...current situation or( don't ask me what else!..)
Most probably these village people know nothing about the crisis or they are only "academically" interested in it as their pensions have always been "crumbs" and they are used to live on limited means produced by themselves....

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  • Dinu Filipescu 10/08/2013 13:22

    Excellent composition underlying the dignity I read in their faces .
  • Glenn Capers 30/07/2013 18:53

    The gathering is a good social illustration
  • Agelos Kardamilas 24/07/2013 20:56

    Apofasises na kaneis gnosti stous ksenous tin Ellada pou hanetai?
  • spacelilly13 22/07/2013 22:40

    Wonderful and typical scene...i like it! Friendly Maria
  • Tassos Kitsakis 21/07/2013 23:44

    You meet them in any one of the old villages in Greece.
    Grate picture, great flashback for me!
  • Lawson McCulloch 20/07/2013 15:34

    A wonderful group portrait of these wise old men Alexander.
    best wishes,
  • Harold Thompson 20/07/2013 9:08

    Good candid shot showing the culture as they try to put the world to right :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 20/07/2013 8:56

    In the words of a song........

    Forever and ever, amen
    As long as old men sit and talk about the weather
    As long as old women sit and talk about old men

    It came to mind when I saw this and read your words. It is what many old folk do........sit and talk and discuss the way things are and how they used to be and how they [according to them] SHOULD be. How they have to live on a pittance of a pension........ how food prices are unruly the younger generations are.......what they did for their country in the just goes on and on and on and...........:))))))))))

    Another excellent b/w picture that tells us a story of how others live.

  • ann mari cris aschieri 20/07/2013 8:37

    Mi hai dato una scossa al cuore, Alexander.
    Questa è una tipica scena che ho osservato tante volte quando viaggiavo per le isole greche: le agora festive dove si adunavano i Senatori e i vecchi saggi a ricordare, osservare, parlare.
    Una foto stupenda e vera che mi piace tanto.
    Ciao! cris
  • alexander stefanatos 20/07/2013 8:12

    This is also an open-air "kafeneion" dear Roswitha!
    many regards alexander
  • Agapy 20/07/2013 8:06

    Don´t they usually sit in the Kafeneion?
    I haven´t often seen such scenes only in Greece but also in other countries in the south of Europe. The people - especially the men - are organized apparently socially better there. Your photo shows this characteristic very impressively.
    Many regards
  • Carlo.Pollaci 20/07/2013 6:52

    Ciao Alexander, amo le tue foto di strada, che raccontano la vita della gente e descrivono magistralmente l'ambiente,
  • Adele Oliver 20/07/2013 1:51

    a great scene, and so typical .... male bonding at its best, everybody in his finest outfit - the women at home cooking :-))) excellent capture and I love the title !!
    greetings, Adele
  • rolvin 20/07/2013 1:03

    A gorgeous photo of this old men meeting place!!
    Great in B/W!! Bw Roland
  • Andy-Wood 20/07/2013 0:24

    Wonderful tonal range ... and yes, it has that Sunday morning feeling.
    Interesting tree with a mini-bar ;-)))

    all the best,


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