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The Street Guitarist

The Street Guitarist

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Josh Deuchars

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The Street Guitarist

Taken in Exeter, a city in the southwest of the UK with an extensive history extending as far back as the Romans; it was their most south-westerly fortified settlement in England, and a vast majority of the Roman wall still remains.

Dirk Hofmann, today at 23:27h
nice street portrait ...

did you try how it works if you crop some of the foreground away? i think it would work with half of the street ...

Changed the image with the advice given. :)

Comments 8

  • Sean-Henry Goddard 02/11/2006 22:45

    Well good. I like the black and white. What a cooling looking guy too. I think his name should be Bernand.
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 31/10/2006 2:01

    great portrait, lovely atmosphere
    well done Josh :0)
  • Miquel Manaut 30/10/2006 15:12

    Great shot. Congratulations
  • Wayne Tsipouras 30/10/2006 13:05

    Nice street image, Let the music play......

  • Jamie Hollett 30/10/2006 11:47

    Great comments Dirk. & Good advice too.
    Nice work Josh, & a lovely image. You capture his character extremely well indeed. & the background adds a lot of tones & textures too. Nice work.
  • Dirk Hofmann 30/10/2006 0:18

    it is always a personal matter of taste ... could be that now 10 people drop in who say "no, i don't see an improvement" ...

    but there is actually only one person who should like the photo: you ... our opinions can only be advice or a second opinion to think about ... :-)

    if you once have understood this fact (not only you, but every user of the community) things will be a lot easier ... ;-))

    have a good night ...
  • Josh Deuchars 30/10/2006 0:08

    I have to agree with you Dirk, there is more focus for the eye on the man without the extra foreground, which was distracting.
    I prefer it this way, thanks for the advice!
  • Dirk Hofmann 30/10/2006 0:06

    looks better now to me ... what do you think?