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The spring is here

The spring is here

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Ludvig S

Free Account, Malaga

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  • Ludvig S 19/05/2007 11:46

    Correct Christiane, south west. Regarding the contrast, I do not like to adjust the pictures using contrast (most of the time). On this one I adjusted the shadows a bit to get more details in the dark areas, but nothing else. I guess pretty opposite of what you suggest, but this is the way I like the light (read dynamic range). I would be very interested in the adjustments you suggest, so feel free to download the picture and send me your example of adjustments if you like. We always learn...
  • Christiane Wüllner 19/05/2007 11:33

    It must have been more in the south of norway :-))
    The reason why i asked you is because i think it would tolerate just a little more contrast and "darkness" ....(maybe?) Have you tried that?
    :-)) Christiane
  • Ludvig S 19/05/2007 8:29

    Thanks for the comments!

    Christiane: The picture is taken in Norway (a beautiful place in the spring). No photoshop work, except from the conversion from RAW, some levels adjustments, resizing and the frame. Pretty much straight from the camera.

  • Christiane Wüllner 18/05/2007 23:26

    Spring at the best moment! There are so many great colours!!! Is that where you live?
    I wonder about one thing: Did you made some jobb in the photoshop afterwords?
    :-)) Christiane