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DJ. Taro

Free Account, Bangkok

The Rock

Some where in kra-bi

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  • Vanessa Halvorsen 05/06/2008 20:13

    Wow! Perfect, it's the only thing to say about this picture. Congratulations!
  • Hartung-Art 16/05/2008 12:03

    Uhmm... Maybe... We go together!

    Bye :-)
  • DJ. Taro 16/05/2008 11:42

    I think. Doomsday within 4years.
    We will die.

    Earth cleaning everythink.

  • Hartung-Art 16/05/2008 11:01

    Hey Taro, the picture became very beautiful. By the rework probably still better. It pleases me much.

    Yes, here are gasoline and food also much teur. Almost priceless. Germany becomes ever more expensive. But I know, how heavy it is to live in Thailand. In the messages we are daily informed about the crises in Myanmar and China. I hope that it becomes better a daily. It is an incomprehensible Katastophe. Ability us wish that Thailand remains spared. The earthquakes from China were noticeable to Bangkok. The world play crazy. In addition still this Olympia stress comes from China. Where is that to lead everything?

    I wish you a beautiful day soon see myself again we!

    Your friend from good old germany,
  • DJ. Taro 15/05/2008 16:17

    Thanks. Marty.
    This pic in original it's so bad.
    Over and unsharp. :P
    I make it in PS3.
    Uhmmm... Beter...

    I'm fine. but money not good.
    Gassoline, rice and food so expensive.
    In Thailand The heavens opened everyday.
    I hope don't alike Myanmar or Chaina.

    Regards to.
  • Hartung-Art 14/05/2008 20:27

    Hey my friend!

    Soooo nice picture... :-)

    How are you?

    With regards,