The profound glance of a child

The profound glance of a child

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The profound glance of a child

Portrait of a child among a group of elder people, probably relatives, at a yard of a Hindu Temple

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  • adriana lissandrini 19/11/2015 19:02

    a look very deep, very serious for a child, a beautiful and touching portrait
    this baby moves me a lot...
    regards Adriana
  • Janos Gardonyi 19/09/2015 3:46

    beautiful shot.....!! janos
  • Adele Oliver 17/09/2015 19:36

    a very strong portrait - the child's eyes so expressive, and a story for the imagination with the hands reaching into the picture !!
    greetings, Adele
  • alexander stefanatos 17/09/2015 9:59

    Terrific capture! And a very touching one.The kid's expression is unique,showing more a friendly curiosity than fear...
    yeia sou Dimitri
  • Storyteller 17/09/2015 9:22

    Excellent portrait. There is nothing comparable to the eyes of a child. A touching image.