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The Lock

This picture leads the eye around into the picture.
I made it at the locker section of my secondary school.

Camera. Cannon Eos D60, F4.9, 1/125. Manual Focus

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  • Dirk Hofmann 04/09/2004 21:19

    i also thought about the whole lock ... but i think it would be another picture beside this one ...
  • Olaf H.... 04/09/2004 20:21

    This is funny... I took a similar picture when I was doing a photo assignment in high scholl. We had the same locks then.
    Only comment would be that I would not have cut the lock but left it complete on the top... but thats just my personal taste... your don't have to agree .-)
  • Dirk Hofmann 04/09/2004 20:16

    a nice one! the depth of field is well arranged ...

    interesting views of a school ... :-)


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