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The Living Forest (543) : European Wildcat

The European wildcat has a pretty thick coat, wide set ears, 3 to 5 black rings running across the tail and a rounded and black tail tip.
It's the ancestor of the well known domestic cat.

This animal lives mostly in undisturbed forests and avoids intensively cultivated areas and settlements.

It’s a strong predator and its prey (rodents and birds) is caught with razor sharp claws and killed with a lethal bite to the neck or by suffocation.
Everything is consumed, including fur, feathers and bones.

Very rare in Belgium !

Dutch name : Europese Wilde Kat
German name : Europäische Wildkatze (auch Waldkatze genannt)
Latin name : Felis silvestris silvestris


A big thanks to ClaireLaira for the nomination of this picture !

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