The Living Forest (423) : Scarlet Tiger

The Living Forest (423) : Scarlet Tiger

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

The Living Forest (423) : Scarlet Tiger

Most moths are usually dull coloured (evenly brown or beige) but not the scarlet tiger.

This colourful tropical-looking moth likes to live in areas such as damp forests, fens, marshes, river banks and wet meadowland.
Flies mostly at night but it’s also a day-flying moth.

This species occurs in Europe, Turkey and northern Iran but is extremely rare in Belgium !
So, I’m very glad with the image of this small rarity.

Dutch name : Bonte beer
German name : Schönbär
Latin name : Callimorpha dominula (previous Panaxia dominula)

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