The Living Forest (421) : Tree Frog

The Living Forest (421) : Tree Frog

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Mark Billiau.

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The Living Forest (421) : Tree Frog

The tree frog is a pretty small frog, with a length of only 3–4 cm.
(green frog : around 8 cm. and marsh frog : around 10 cm.)

This amphibian likes to live in bushy shrubs of humid forests.
Very typical for this species is a smooth skin in stead of a skin full of warts.

The tree frog displays a considerable decline and extinction in west and central Europe which is caused by loss of breeding habitats, pollution, collecting by people as well as climate changes.

Dutch name : Boomkikker
German name : Laubfrosch
Latin name : Hyla arborea (formerly Rana arborea)

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