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The Living Forest (23) : Small copper

The Living Forest (23) : Small copper

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

The Living Forest (23) : Small copper

Last weeks I was exploring several forests in the Belgian Ardennes.
This is the 23th. picture of a series illustrating the living forest.

Insects play a very important role in the living forest (pollinate process, natural housekeeping, food for songbirds,…)
Most of them can be found in sunny open spaces, like this Small copper.

It’s a rather little butterfly with a size that is hardly a quarter of the normally known size of a common butterfly.
But in bright sun it is a very active butterfly with the males setting up small territories which they will defend vigorously against rival males or indeed any unlucky passing insect. Even the shadow of a large bird passing overhead is enough to get him going.

Dutch name : Vuurvlindertje
German name : Kleiner Feuerfalter
Latin name : Lycaena phlaeas

*** A big thanks to Vitória Castelo Santos for the kindly nomination of this picture. ***

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