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Jeremy Frasier

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The Lioness

I have been really wanting to get some good wildlife shots to add to my portfolio. This lioness was shot at Lion Country Safari in South Florida. The lions were especially willing to pose for the shots (at least it seemed so) This shot was taking using a Sigma SD-9 with a telephoto lense. Color correction was done in PhotoShop 7.

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  • Jeremy Frasier 04/10/2004 17:24

    I was seriously considering opening my window Elaine, but the groundskeepers were all around and I didnt want to get kicked out (or for that matter eaten lol) The lions were the only part of the park that I didn't have my windows open. Which was a story in its own 8P
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 04/10/2004 9:15

    I was there too. The lions are sometimes very tired and dont put on a show, but when they do it's just so much fun to sit and watch.
    Did you dare open your window?. All my pictures where taken through the windshield of my car. My telephoto lens isnt long enough:-)
    Great shots