The lady in blue

The lady in blue

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The lady in blue

It was Tuesday morning, just few minutes after I dropped the kids at the kindergarten, and before my drive to work. It was a beautiful winter sunny day, one that only countries like Israel have. I rolled my blue Samson cigarette, and then her blue dress caught my eye. It was a bit shabby but definitely impressive. Though, she had the shape of a young lady, it appeared that many had "tried" her. She wasn't so young. As I neared, she turned her eyes to stare at the sea. I sensed I knew her, but she did not recognize me.

One stormy night, the waves were high, and the tide carried her out to sea, spewing her forth on that peaceful place. Moments later, two old gentlemen approached the sea, shifting their paths on seeing her. It was not possible to ignore her, it might have been the blue that she was wearing, or perhaps it was just yearnings for better days long past.

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  • weggezogen 14/01/2006 1:50

    for the pic as for the short story aswell
  • Sergio Pessolano 07/12/2005 8:13

    Stunning effect.
  • Dirk Hofmann 02/12/2005 9:12

    thank you for sharing the story with us ... :-)

    the only thing i would change:

    i would give her some space to look into and move the camera a little bit to the left ...

    but i think - having this discussion a couple of days ago - this is a matter of personal taste ...
  • When 02/12/2005 9:03