The Hot Ticket

The Hot Ticket

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Glenn Capers

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The Hot Ticket

Selling lotto tickets is an everyday job just about every where you go. In Costa Rica The Lotto Man gets into the act of selling. He believes he's got the hot ticket. So if you are lucky, take a chance.

I'm teaching street photography in Costa Rica for a few more days then home.

A simple shout out to my friends. Thanks for being a friend.


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  • Tadeusz Roguski 23/11/2012 1:12

    a great chance for a tiny money. good luck, but who can grasp it?
  • Lene Thomsen 18/11/2012 16:20

    First that I sow the picture I thought that's was money - busy gentlemen :-)

  • Carlo Pollaci 09/11/2012 22:21

    Ottimo e incisivo bw!
  • marlin1950 04/11/2012 13:06

    That is a beautiful capture.But did you buy a ticket...
  • Karl R. H. 02/11/2012 11:37

  • Howard Mattix 02/11/2012 0:31

    Glen, your photo-journalistic style photography is very expressive.and eye opening, letting the viewer see and understand the grind of every day people.
  • BeckySchaefer 01/11/2012 18:07

    Very expressive! As always :)
    Love your pictures Glenn! If you ever teach street photography in or near germany, I would love to be there.
    Greetings, Becky
  • odeveld219 01/11/2012 17:07

    Very fine shot!!
    With friendly greetings, Odeveld
  • mike snead 01/11/2012 9:57

    it seems the fat man has had a few hot tickets.

  • joe partition 31/10/2012 15:17

  • Frederick Mann 31/10/2012 11:35

    small business with chance
  • Harald Hagedorn 31/10/2012 10:18

    dear glenn,
    that´s another fine shot. looking at his face, one feels able to establish a sort of relation to the lotto seller. a fine portrait set in his enviroment.
    wish you and your students lots of good pics in c.r.
    ;-) harald
  • s. sabine krause 31/10/2012 9:48

    …and i might even fall for it! he just has that attitude… luck in the guise of a handsome salesman with a (deceptively?) honest face and just the right amount of a daredevil attitude, surrounded and favored by a low cowhide sky – it makes me get in the mood for going for that hot ticket and challenging fortuna! ; ) one cannot live by bread (and vegetables) alone, even if one has to work hard for being able to buy it. hope is… a lotto ticket? ; ))) greetings, sabine.
  • Dr. Labude 31/10/2012 9:14

    Good place to be now. Greets from Berlin!
  • uhunachdemwaldbrand 31/10/2012 8:56


    fantastic one glenn !!!

    your photos touch my soul



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