The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

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Mickey Welsh

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The Happy Couple

i need some honest input on this one. taken with fuji S3000 digital camera set at 0.9 negative exposure and then slightly tweaked in Photoimpact to lighten a little and bring more "pop" to the color.took these for the people in the pic. good friends of mine.

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  • Franz-Josef Wirtz 12/10/2004 21:31

    If you want to tell, that beeing married is sometimes stony and steep and at other times fresh and rich growing and full of blossoms, don't crop too much. ;-) I personally like the chosen environment, but a little bit less only...

    Good luck to the couple!
  • John Holmes 12/10/2004 19:36

    an interesting nontraditional pose; did it have a special meaning? i agree with franz-josef regarding the cropping.
  • Franz-Josef Wirtz 11/10/2004 22:42

    The natural background and the dim light without hard shadows is totally ok. You could try out a somewhat tighter display window, putting more stress on the couple. Finally a sharpening would be nice. The viewpoint from that below is not what I would have chosen. Meeting at eyelevel is mostly more comfortable to the observer.