The Golden Light

The Golden Light

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Regis Eye On Nature

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The Golden Light

Hi everybody ! After an amazing 3 month journey in East Africa, finally back home. In the following weeks I will showcase several amazing images. See below one of the new images. Image taken in Tsavo West - Kenia; Want to join me on an upcoming photographic journey ? Mail me for more info !

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  • Uli Aßmann 19/11/2021 16:57

    Hy Regi!
    While you could stay 3 months in Kenya, I could only stay 3 weeks in September!
    That is really unfair.
    But I enjoyed this time again very focus was on the Mara , which I enjoyed very much with relatively little tourism and Samburu, which I experienced this time, however, very dry and hot. 
    You get right back in with a great picture. The golden light you have captured perfectly. With this sight it is always the motivation to travel here as often as possible.
    I am curious to see more!
    BR Uli
    • Regis Eye On Nature 19/11/2021 17:54

      Hey Uli , sorry to be unfair ,but I understand you and know what you mean . but I find myself once in nature , so I try there to be as much as possible. As you mentioned and fully agree with it , less people more photographic opportunities , no shouting people , no brushing cars , just be one with nature , no better feeling then this. , Done Samburu as well , indeed very dry , but what pleases me hugely is the fact that the grevy's are climbing in nrs , at my first visit in 1996 there where around  a 100 , now there nr raised to over 600 . Samburu it is always a pleasure to be there , and when I was there Nana , a lioness was wounded in a fight with a oryx who penetrated her back leg , we spotted her early morning while she could barely walk , called the rangers and the veterinary service and followed the full treatment proces. they done a great job.  Watch out many fotos to come , see also my FB . Ps back in feb for Ndutu ( calving season ) and the mara in march with some costumers , maybe t'ill then , regards Regi
    • Uli Aßmann 19/11/2021 20:21

      Hy Regi,
      You're right, I haven't seen the Grevy's in such large numbers either...especially on the Buffalo's Spring side!
      From the injured lioness I have heard. When I visited in late September, the rangers were still looking for her. I hope she made it. Compared to the Mara, the predators were very emaciated after all. Also very depressing that the locals have driven the cows very much into the park and especially at the river many carcasses were lying around.
    • Regis Eye On Nature 19/11/2021 20:30

      As for the lioness it was around mid sept, as for predators we saw quite some lions  and had several  leopard sightings. True lots of cattle and Masai with their rather big herds , but they are driven by drought and their cattle need to feed and drink , so It is  understandable , they were mostly at the boundaries at mornings arrived around the river by noon ,also saw the carcasses around the river , hard for them , but nature set its rules and is sometimes hard.
  • Matthias Moritz 19/11/2021 15:25

    Impressive view into the wide open. The waterhole is the eye-catcher
    • Regis Eye On Nature 19/11/2021 16:13

      Hallo Matthias , our nature offers so many beauty's for the ones using their eyes , the waterhole as well as the giraffe and zebras and the acacias making the image complete showcasing the typical African nature , after visiting for over 25 years still in love with our amazing nature  , regards ,Regi


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Camera Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
Lens 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports 018
Aperture 4.5
Exposure time 1/3200
Focus length 68.0 mm
ISO 1600

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