The Fungi World (298) : Pine Pinkgill

The Fungi World (298) : Pine Pinkgill

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

The Fungi World (298) : Pine Pinkgill

Pine Pinkgill is a very rare fungus that likes to grow on acidic soil in wet, mossy conifer forests.
Its metallic steel blue colour makes it a strikingly beautiful pearl in the autumn forest.

Indicated as critically endangered on the Red List of vulnerable and threatened species !

Dutch name : Blauwe satijnzwam
German name : Stahlblauer Rötling
Latin name : Entoloma nitidum


PS1 : Looking at the overwhelming blue of this fungus, 'pink' in its name is a bit confusing.
It refers to the pink colours of the inner spores. Strange, but so be it.

PS2 : This is my last fungus shot of the 2015 autumn, which was a good fungi season :-))
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures of the fascinating fungi world as much as I did when I found and shot them all.

PS3 : With just one click below, you can see here the whole series so far

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  • Jörn Bude 15/04/2016 0:23

    LG, JB
  • Charly Charity 08/02/2016 17:13

    This is just marvellous! What a beautiful fungus!
    It seems to shine and glow and it makes me wondering, if this could be real ;))
    Greetings Jasmin
  • de ceulaer 20/12/2015 17:04

    never seen such a blue one !
    thanks for sharing
  • Susanne47 07/12/2015 22:30

    Eine wunderschöne Pilzsammlung hast du Mark, diesen finde ich besonders geheimnisvoll.
    Kompliment und Grüessli Susanne
  • Thoralf 07/12/2015 15:45

    sensationell diese Farbe
    LG Thoralf
  • Eva GD 06/12/2015 13:36

    Wonderful Blue fungus and Beautiful Picture ...!
  • odeveld219 01/12/2015 21:54

    Excellent work!
    With friendly greetings, Odeveld
  • birdwhisperer 01/12/2015 5:45

    Never seen before.It looks so great!
  • Sabine Junge 29/11/2015 12:09

    Kind of Blue... this is a piece of music made by Miles Davis... and maybe this shot would be have nice as an album title. But now it's to late! ;-)
    Great shot, Mark!
    Have a nice first Sunday of advent.
  • s. sabine krause 29/11/2015 10:43

    wow! one from the twilight zone! the shine it emits – so strange and wondrous and slightly disturbing! a great fascinating fungus and an eye-opening image of it again, mark! greetings, sabine.
  • archiek 28/11/2015 20:33

    Beautiful colors and focus on this Pine Pinkgill fungi. Great photographic work and great naturalist work. Thanks for the whole series.
    Best Regards,
  • Jan Rillich 28/11/2015 18:23

    very nice
  • Bernhard Kuhlmann 28/11/2015 17:26

    Was für ein toller Pilz !
    Du kannst dich freuen, den gefunden zu haben.
    Gruß Bernd
  • Alfred Schultz 28/11/2015 16:06

    If anyone here says he is blue, then it means
    he has been drinking too much alcohol.
    Too bad that you could not quite achieve 300.
    Greetings - A.

  • Prinzessin 2 28/11/2015 15:11

    was für eine Strahlemann..hab ich noch nie gesehen...fein deine Aufnahme..!!
    Schönen 1.Advent für dich glg Ulrike