The Fungi world (176) : Penny Bun

The Fungi world (176) : Penny Bun

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Mark Billiau.

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The Fungi world (176) : Penny Bun

The Penny Bun is a fungus whose habitat consists mainly of forests dominated by pine and spruce.

Sometimes on occasion, its cap can reach 30cm in diameter, a stem height up to 25cm and a total weight of 3kg !

This edible fungus is considered as one of the safest wild mushrooms to pick for the kitchen table, as there are no poisonous species that closely resemble it.

But it is also an important food source for animals such as the Red Squirrel.
So I would strongly advice to leave it where it belongs and that’s the forest…!

Dutch name : Eekhoorntjesbrood
German name : Fichtensteinpilz
Latin name : Boletus edulis

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