The Fungi World (161) : Torn Fibrecap

The Fungi World (161) : Torn Fibrecap

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Mark Billiau.

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The Fungi World (161) : Torn Fibrecap

It’s fungi time again. Hurray !

In autumn, the forest is a real fascinating paradise for fungi with dozens of species that emerge from the soil.
Let’s have a look at what I found this year.

Today I start with the Torn Fibrecap.


The appearance of the Torn Fibrecap is that of a typical "inconspicuous little brown fungus".
It’s a poisonous species that likes to grow in mixed woods.

Dutch name : Zandpadvezelkop
German name : Spindelsporiger Risspilz (auch Struppiger Risspilz genannt)
Latin name : Inocybe lacera

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