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The Emperor Strikes Back

The Emperor Strikes Back

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Peta Lisle

Free Member, Sydney

The Emperor Strikes Back

with a seductress pose....mwwuuhahahahaha

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  • Luiz Porto 10/01/2007 4:55

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 13/09/2006 18:08

    Jaime as a dude??? I think all of Eddie's colonial charm won't get him out of this one. You are going down buddy....
  • Jacqueline Chay 12/08/2006 12:44

    Reminds me of Clockwork Orange lol - good job girls
  • Nilüfer Barin 27/07/2006 19:08


  • Christoph Hammann 22/07/2006 7:13

    Sorry to disturb the party, but shouldn't the focus be on the eye? Otherwise: cool portrait with an androgynous touch ;-)
  • Maguire 21/07/2006 17:20

    A camel drops a load on Robin
    Robin: "Holy Camel droppings Batman, I'm covered."
    Batman: "Whoaaaaah!," turning his head in disgust, "you're on your own Boy Wonder, you can dig yourself out."

    1st tactic: Try a wee bit of Irish charm: OF COURSE I don't think Jaime looks like a guy. God forbid have you seen her self portraits? Beauty personified and nothing guyish about her at all. (No?)

    2nd Tactic: Try some Scottish charm: Ach lassie but you are truely the fairest quine (lassie) in the glen. Your beauty would put the Fairy Queen herself to shame. If only I wisnae so old myself sure I'd be chasing you doon the road. (What? Still no!!)

    3rd Tactic: Grovel: I am truely truely sorry. Jaime, you know I'd never intentionally besmirch you. Will you forgive me? (Hand shoots forward holding a huge posie of flowers).

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 20/07/2006 3:44

    lol" its me !
    i was being a dickhead while peta was taking this photo.
    i was only joking ands she captured it, lol"
    a man !
    you are all in trouble !
    no just joking.
    thanks peta :)
  • Peta Lisle 20/07/2006 3:02

    Well it was meant to look silly, and get a laugh, and the 'seductress' thing was a joke... but Eddie you are going to be in soooooo much trouble (hehehe) as Rob said, unless you wish to rephrase your comment!!
  • Maguire 19/07/2006 15:51

    Oops! :-))


    I was kidding!!

    @Rob; Peta and me are buddies.. I'll be fine!

    Won't I??

    @Wayne: Thanks for the support! Nice to know who you can count on when your in deep s**t. And there was no need to gloat. The "pretty sure its not me" was bad enough but the wee smiley face implies your taking way too much pleasure out of my predicament.(lol)
  • Wayne Tsipouras 19/07/2006 14:43

    Not a happy face, thats for sure.
    She looks to want harm for someone, pretty sure its not me. :-)
    Nice image Peta, Well done.

  • Rob Mitchell 19/07/2006 14:16

    oh Eddie, you're going to be in sooooooo much trouble :)
    I know who SHE is in that pic :D
  • Maguire 19/07/2006 13:48

    Agree with Rob.. can't see the seductiveness at all.. more like a guy with a mouth ulcer sucking lemon juice. But hey! Whatever does it for you. And more monkish than emperor. Or maybe in the title you're suggesting the emperor has had his revenge and this is the face he's left him with. lol :o))
  • Rob Mitchell 19/07/2006 13:04

    dunno about a seductive look, but I sure wouldn't want to be the one who says 'no'