The Duckology of Driving In India

The Duckology of Driving In India

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

The Duckology of Driving In India

With an international driver's license, there are a few things yu must learn to do when you can figure out a road sign. The most obvious is to duck, the other is to lean hard in the proper direction. Once you have successfully leafed this at any Driving school in India , you are ready to face the the people in the streets and Tuktuks with camera in hand to do drive bye's.

Remember without an international permit you pay more for running of a chicken. How ever on the back country road far out. Don't even run over an ant. . You could upset the village. They might not get you , but the next car passing with an out of province license plate might find themselves hanging from a tree limb.

What the innocent unfortunates second driver is not told is that because he and his vehicle is from out side the area of the accident. He becomes the next logical
stand-in, or body double for the driver that wasn't seen.

Well I guess that's Karma.
Happy wondering in camera and car..Tra la la.

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  • u-c-g 16/06/2014 1:25

  • mohane 12/06/2014 21:56

    indeed...Karma is powerfull in India
  • Dagi.H. 12/06/2014 21:55

    Sorry, that's wrong
    When you have even a non-interesting street scene photo?
    LG Dagi
  • Dagi.H. 12/06/2014 21:54

    Interesting - international driving license! Has he ever learner?
    Interesting - international driving license! Has he ever learner? :-))
    LG Dagi
  • Adele Oliver 12/06/2014 21:11

    good one, Glenn .... we just rented bicycles and rode all over the towns and countryside .... and are still alive but probably killed a lot of ants :-)))
    cheers, Adele
  • Rolf Pessel 12/06/2014 21:10

    one other thing you have to learn is how to honk.
    without the proper and constant use of the signal-horn you are not really paritcipating in the traffic and easily overlooked.

    LG Rolf
  • JOKIST 12/06/2014 20:53

    Eine tolle Szene -
    gut festgehalten im Bild !

    LG Ingrid und Hans