The  birthplace  of  Aphrodite(Venus)

The birthplace of Aphrodite(Venus)

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The birthplace of Aphrodite(Venus)

Ionian complex
Kythera island
Kapsali Bay

Kythera island
Kythera is a Greek island,south to Peloponese peninsula, belonging to the Ionian complex of islands though not actually located in the Ionian Sea.According to Mythology is the real birthplace of Aphrodite(Venus). The island "sprouted"at the point where Kronos-father of Zeus-fighting for supremacy against his father Uranus, threw his mutilated genitalia in the sea after killing him....After Aphrodite grew up she settled in Cyprus, that's why the two islands fight for the origin of the goddess.
Kythera is stratesically located between Greek mainland and Crete and, from the ancient times till mid-19th century, was a crossroad of conquerors, pirates and merchants. It was reported inhabited since the 3rd millenium BC, being invaded in ancient times by Egyptians, Phenicians, Minoans, Greeks and Romans. During the classical era it was a permanent target of attack between Athenians and Spartans. During the miideaval period, it became part of the Byzantine empire till 1204 when Venetians conquered the island and kept it under posession till the q16th century when it was badly damaged and looted by pirates and Barbarossa finally ending in posession of the Ottomans. Also during the mideaval period, the island thrived under the Byzantine emperors and Venetians rulers becoming loaded with Christian Orthodox churches, western castles and establishments The most impressive of them is the imposing castle at the highest point of the island and the Orthodox church of Mirtidiotissa dedicated to Virgin Mary and built inside the castle together with other churches. Napoleon Buonapart conquered the island twice in 1796 and 1807 but eventually fell into the hands of Russians and English till 1864 when occupation ended with the cession of Ionians islands and Kythera,as a present, to the new king of Greece George 1st'
Nowadays the island is a top selection for visiting not only in summer but also winter period.

The Kapsali Bay
In the bliss of the evening, the last swimmers enjoy the sparkling sea together with a gaze of the imposing mideaval castle on top of the mountain. ..

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  • ann mari cris aschieri 24/09/2021 21:42

    Splendido questo Bianco e Nero profondo che crea una bellissima suggestione.
    Affascinante e ben narrata anche la storia di questa bella isola che visitai molti anni fa...
    E' tutto molto bello e di ciò ti ringrazio, mio gentile amico.
    Un caro saluto,  CIAo!  cris


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