The Beginning And The End

The Beginning And The End

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Julia Kretsch

Free Account, Bucharest

The Beginning And The End

Date: 10 August 2006
Location: Bucharest
Camera: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3

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  • Miranda Legovic 18/06/2008 23:19

    Your whole work is amassing.
  • Julia Kretsch 11/11/2006 17:38

    Thank you, Maria, Wen and Marie!
    Here is the poem:

    The Beginning And The End

    Regards coming not from the eye,
    But from the depth of times…

    I was hiding in yourself… from myself…

    A thought that serenely rises
    And then silently dies here,
    Howling in another galaxy…

    I had become a mountain,
    Ready to touch
    Anything the sky might have given me…

    You were holding my hand saying
    That you were protecting me
    From the world of the dogs…

    I watched you…

    You drowned in my regard…

    And now I keep my eyes closed...
    So that I could keep you…

    Julia Kretsch
    10 August 2006
  • Marie Strydom 11/11/2006 6:19

    Brilliant !!! So much said here withour any words. Would like to read the poem though. Keep well. Marie
  • When 25/10/2006 8:27

    Interesting concept.
  • Maria João Arcanjo 16/10/2006 10:47

    Very good composition. I like the intense simbolism that make them so special.
  • Julia Kretsch 12/08/2006 22:32

    Herwig, thank you so much for your comment. The purple of the bottom pics suggests decay, death, the end. At least that was what I had in mind. I agree with you, there is a discrepancy between those pics and the ones above, but it was intentional. Thank you again!
  • Julia Kretsch 11/08/2006 21:52

    Thank you very much, Jaime. I wanted it to be emotional. In fact, the disposition of the images is not random. It's supposed to form a Ken trigram (from I Ching), which symbolizes serenity, mountain, the beginning and the end, birth and death, hand, dog, elements which are found in a poem I wrote especially for this collage. Again, thank you! :)
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  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 11/08/2006 3:09

    this is very emotional and creative work
    well done Julia :)
  • Julia Kretsch 10/08/2006 22:09

    Thank you, Milan!
  • Milan Bystron 10/08/2006 16:03

    very good ...