The Barbican, Plymouth

The Barbican, Plymouth

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Josh Deuchars

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The Barbican, Plymouth

The Barbican is the old Harbour district of Plymouth. In 1620 the Pilgrims set sail on the Mayflower to the "New World" (America) from the Barbican.
The Barbican may also be judged as of cultural importance to Plymouth, as it is home to many art galleries (The renowned artist Robert Lenkiewicz lived and worked on the Barbican for many years), the Barbican Glassworks, The National Marine Aquarium (Britain's largest and one of Europe's deepest Aquariums), The Plymouth Gin Distillery and the famous Cap'n Jaspers burger bar.

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  • Sara Goss 13/09/2006 14:10

    Heard alot about Plymouth, this is a great shot dear!

  • Jürgen W1 13/09/2006 12:23

    Last Saturday I was in Plymouth (for the first time) - but I had very much to do and so I didn't make photos.

    And I wasn't in the Barbican...but I will come back soon.

    I made some pics in Bournemouth:
  • Jamie Hollett 13/09/2006 8:47

    Nice shot Josh, your getting too good at this you know lol.