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Vitaly Altoiz

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  • Vitaly Altoiz 14/03/2009 14:09

    Whether it's good or bad it doesn't matter. Main thing is that I was happy with it. Good photography has always been subjective. The only thing I'll say is that is not an HDR. :)
  • Antonio Persano - EFIAPb 14/03/2009 13:10

    Beautiful point ov view. Message could be better explained by some words... but I think it is something other a simple picture exercise.
    Please, give us some info about...
    With compliments.
  • Buscalavida 14/03/2009 7:13

    Hi Vitaly...the Picture is not bad...my question is: Is this a try with Hdr? Cause..if this is Hdr, it's bad..look at the sky in your picture ;-) I like your other pics more :-)