Teuku Lila Arfa

Teuku Lila Arfa

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Frederick E Gaghauna

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Teuku Lila Arfa

It's the reflection of my best friend, Teuku Lila Arfa, It was the time when we were photo hunting together and here one of an appreciation for him as being a best friend for me! love you bro!!

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  • Forrest Oldham 19/04/2008 5:50

    Very good. I like the balance of color between the blue and brown as well as the gentle curve. Nice tribute to a good photographer friend.
  • Ainul Hadi 17/04/2008 18:21

    mantap idenya... great shot...
  • aw masry 03/03/2008 15:02

    Great .... Ini teknik yang cerdas.
    Meski ide tidak terlalu baru, tapi tidak semua orang bisa melakukannya dengan teknik dan angle yang tepat. Lagipula moment pasti berbeda-beda pada setiap kesempatan.

    Mantap Bro.
    Salam - aw masry
  • Gazp . 12/02/2008 2:58

  • William Maix 06/02/2008 16:02

    Great shoot. :) Like it a lot!
  • Canan Oner 06/02/2008 15:12

    Great composition, beautiful colors, light ,silhouttes and an excellent gift for your friend Frederick !
    Fantastic !!...
  • Luigi Riccitiello 06/02/2008 13:50

    Composizione e cromatismi di grande effetto.