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Jacek Imiolek

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last weekend in london there was demonstration against war. i cant understand why we still got wars...why we cant learn from history?? all comments welcome

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  • Kelly Lima 13/08/2006 15:14

    This is an eternal subject to discuss....
    But first of all we need to ask ourselves What are we doing to avoid this kind of problem??? Don't we really have any kind of preconception ??
    And our government? Are we choosing the correct people ??
    I think that's one way to start stopping these terrible crimes....

    But Jacek, anyway the pictures are very real for the moment that we're living...
  • Wayne Tsipouras 13/08/2006 8:54

    Great capture,
    How far back do you wish to go?
    When thay do have peace for a time one faction decides to send a sucide bomber into a market place or bus terminal.
    Such is a way of life in this region, and has been for quite a long time.
    That the rest of the world ignores these events till Israel decides enough is enough and responds. Somewhat hypocritical I feel.
    We should ask how we would want/expect our goverment to react to the same events, over the same time period.
    It could end tomorrow if thay return the kidnapped Israeli's.
    Sad that no one protests for that....

  • Clare Smith 13/08/2006 8:26

    Hear hear such a stupid action!
  • Anat Kozlov 12/08/2006 20:49

    I agreethey are terrorists