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Tad Pasuam waterfall in Bolaven

Tad Pasuam waterfall in Bolaven

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Tad Pasuam waterfall in Bolaven

This jungle, which hardly anyone knew before, was cultivated by a Thai named Wimol Kijbamrung in 1999. The waterfall has been redesigned with the placement of large rocks that deflect the water.
When I first visited the place 13 years ago, there was still rubbish and remnants of the devastating war.

This majestic waterfall, located 33 km North of Pakxé in Bachieng District, gets its name from its rectangular room-like shape, as “suam” literally means “room” in Lao.
The falls stand about 6 metres high and flow all year round from the Houay Champee River, as it descends across the Bolaven Plateau from the North.
The beauty of this waterfall is mesmerizing and offers a great spot to spend a lazy afternoon on the rock or riverside.

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