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sweet jealousy..

sweet jealousy..

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sweet jealousy..

an accidental digital photo moment of zoe's beautiful girls vying a little too aggressively for her attention.. attention later satisfied by chewing my favourite pair of shoes.hmm. probably never get the same instant shot again, but have run the image thru photoshop and found its come up nicer in b+w.
and yes, they are dogs- black belgian shepherds i think. but usually very sweet, just caught them in a bad moment

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  • Ray Steinberg 16/01/2006 6:24

    My first impression is that it looks like a dog, but looking more closely....What is it ????

  • Dirk Hofmann 23/12/2005 18:43

    i guess you don't want to miss your home when you are drunk and walk into these boys home instead ... :-)

    nice teeth
  • Wayne Tsipouras 23/12/2005 10:37

    Always good to see siblings getting along so well.
    Nice shot. Of course Zoe looks completely
    un-concerned with the whole display....



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