Sweet Innocence

Sweet Innocence

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Sweet Innocence

This is a picture of Sladen... the light of my life!

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  • Beda Hendricks 19/02/2005 19:34

    No I didn't use any editing software on this one... it is raw material, scanned only. I understand what you are saying about the sharpness... but on pics of this nature I usally prefer the softer less defined look. It adds to it's angelic look. Thanks for the input though... I need the critques.... any other sites that ya'll use regular I should know about and/or use? Do any of ya'll have home pages with galleries?
  • JVision 19/02/2005 10:21

    Very cute :-)))
  • Dirk Hofmann 19/02/2005 9:50

    a cute one ... that's for sure ... :-)

    you could increase the filesize up to 130kb to improve the photos quality ...

    a littel more contrast and sharpness wouldn't hurt too ... did you use any editing programm on this?



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