Swamp Hike (23)

Swamp Hike (23)

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

Swamp Hike (23)

This landscape shot shows another part of the swampy peat moors of ‘Hohes Venn’, the greatest (4500 ha) and oldest National Park of Belgium and the most unique nature biotope in the land.

The swamps of ‘Hohes Venn’ have an average depth of 2 to 4 metres and only a handfull of trees can grow on places that are slightly drier and shallow.
For this they grow extra long roots that creep very deep soaking into the continuously wet muddy ground until a more stable soil is reached.
A clever trick of nature.

None of these trees was planted by man, but emerged from seeds carried by the wind.

Location : Les Wez (in the vicinity of Baraque Michel)

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