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Superman and The Wish

Superman and The Wish

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

Superman and The Wish

In a moment of reflection, Superman collects the complete magic from an article and Illustration of The legendary comic. Its like the wizard of Oz when in reality.

In a letter to a friend,
Yes they are. He use to be a school janitor the retired. His wife sleeps in the master bedroom he sleeps in the room closest to the living room door. He has two grown sons. One thinks he's nuts and the other adores his father.

The city of San Jose loves him. He's famous there. He's become a mascot for justice. The soccer team is planning to make him their mascot. His wife and oldest son are embarrassed that he goes out like that. But he's always in the news a teachers strike becomes a super strike. At carnivals when little children get separated they look for superman.

He's kind to all. He hopes one day his wife will see his actions bring more security than just a small pension.

When you think of it he does it boggels the mind.

We work just to make what we have last. we are no different than Superman. To face the fact that money no longer serves our needs per month. We all have become driven to survive. Superman is trapped in a world of superman illusions tied to a real world.. He believes his obsession started a a kid. I think it's his. Excuse and only shield to protect himself from the unkind comments of adults.

Now he's loved in San Jose. We are only loved by a few friends and family at home and work.

He's come a long way. And so have we.

Surreal. Yes it is. It's that way for us. We need a super hero and at the same time we know there isn't one. Then again today's depression brought on by the few that control our destiny have give us an imaginary vision of hope.

Here, superman is just that. Surreal,comical, and sad. Blended together we get hope but far from actuality.

Superman is just the people sugar pill.

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