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Sunset over Vancouver harbour

Sunset over Vancouver harbour

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Richard Waldron

Free Account, Dorking, Surrey

Sunset over Vancouver harbour

Olympus E1 digital, 14-54mm zoom, 200asa. Adjusted in photoshop. One of those sunsets that I think works. Adjusted thanks to the comment from Cees who suggested showing more of the boats detail for impact.

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  • Robert L. Roux 25/02/2006 5:51

    another favourite -
    vancouver's a super place to have a camera ... !
  • Dominic Falcone 29/11/2005 23:13

    Nice one Richard, seems like we had similar ideas.
  • Stu Good 22/11/2005 0:07 Voting comment

    as with Ruud, Paul & Kay. Sorry contra.
    lovely colours though.
  • Kay Wölfle 22/11/2005 0:07 Voting comment

    Guess Ruud and Paul said it before. contra
  • Oybe 22/11/2005 0:07 Voting comment

  • Cees Kuijs 22/11/2005 0:07 Voting comment

    I support this one. Pro
  • JVision 22/11/2005 0:07 Voting comment

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 22/11/2005 0:07 Voting comment

    just a beautiful photo to look at.
    i think this deserves to go to gallery
    jaime :)
  • When 15/11/2005 18:39

    Yes Richard - you want to keep your size down to under 800 x 800 pixels. This will keep your images from being optimized.
  • Richard Waldron 15/11/2005 12:54

    Many thanks Jaime for the kind proposal and comments. I have been confused as to how to get the pictures bigger. The best I have now worked out is to make tham about 50-55 quality jpgs. I oriiginally posted this 1000pixels wide at highest jpg quality but the site reduced it to what you see. Any tips on this?
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 15/11/2005 6:10

    i just proposed this for gallery after really looking at it, i hope it gets there well done Richard this is worth it.
    this is wonderful to look at, you can get lost in this photo
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 14/11/2005 22:18

    what a stunning photo, its quite busy for a photo but it dosnt matter, this is really good !
    love the colours and composition.
    well done
    a bit bigger though
    jaime :)
  • Jeremy B 14/11/2005 19:38

    Lovely shot. I enjoy sunsets, but not a big fan of sunset photo's. This shot is special. Well composed, and nicely exposed.
  • Der Zacki 14/11/2005 17:27

    Again a nice picture which would look even better with 1000 pixel. :-))
  • Victor Servián 14/11/2005 16:36

    Sencillamente Hermosa Foto, Yo la encuentro perfecta, por donde la mire.