Sunset at Ravi

Sunset at Ravi

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Sunset at Ravi

Ravi has wound its way through the western Pakistani city of Lahore for thousands of years. Yet on many days, the only living creatures seen by it are the kites that gracefully swoop down to collect chunks of meat, hurled by people standing on bridges spanning the river. The meat given to the birds is regarded as a religious ritual by many, just as feeding sparrows or ants are seen as deeds smiled upon by Allah (God). There is also a superstition that anyone feeding the kites and crows at the Ravi will receive good fortune. This brings many to the river and also attracts vendors selling chunks of meat who set up their stalls early every morning.

Last evening shot of the Beautiful Ravi, as my computer was not working have to just post it without editing, no balancing of levels and no effects.

Comments/Critics welcome

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  • Karl Makkina 29/09/2006 14:00

    i like those warm colors
    well done
  • Michelle Dhillon 07/09/2006 16:45

    This has to be a new favourite for me the colours and the fluidity, the sillhouettes .. Just PERFECT!!
    I like the story that accompanies this pic as my sons name is also Ravi, and now i have a good bedtime story for him.
    I know technically the horizon should be straight but i like the angle here gives motion to the pic. and draws the viewer in.
    Best wishes
    Shell :)
  • Cees Kuijs 30/08/2006 11:15

    Very good picture. Great sky !! Good composition.
    Greetings, Cees
  • Yasser Metwally 30/08/2006 7:54

    Wonderful colores, BUT , its tilted to right abit,,, but i still like it alot
  • Peter Mertz 30/08/2006 7:20

    well done capture
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 30/08/2006 5:47

    beautiful sillouettes and lovely colours, but the only thins is your horizon is slanting a bit other than that gorgeous image with such a warm atmosphere
    jaime :)

  • Vitor Emanoel 30/08/2006 4:25

    Beautiful photo.Well done.