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Summer on the Severn No.1

Summer on the Severn No.1

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Summer on the Severn No.1

Around here, they call it “The Land of Pleasant Living.”

The Bay Ridge community of Annapolis, Maryland offers views of
the broad Severn River, a tributary of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

On this late afternoon in July, I suspect the colorful row of chairs is empty only because I am exploring this roadside
stretch of beach during the dinner hours. Certainly, the residents of the homes across the road will return to their
beach chairs to enjoy the Severn-scape, and the Chesapeake Bay just beyond, in the hours leading up to sunset.

If you enlarge to full-screen (click twice), you can see the towers of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge rising on the left, and, among the sailboats on the horizon, an ocean going freighter on its way from the Port of Baltimore to the open seas.

This image is part of a new edition of gallery prints and custom
printed photo note cards called “In the Land of Pleasant Living.”

Photo and Design ©2015 Steve Ember

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