Summer Duty....

Summer Duty....

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  • MAURICE CLEGG 10/09/2010 17:29

    i too, like this image very much.
    i can only agree with everything stated in the first comment.
    regards, maurice.

    btw, it is thoughtful when you thank someone for a comment to do it by a private message to the author or to their profile.
    most people on this site do it that way.
  • Alexsander B.B. 28/07/2010 6:47

    ...most wonderful comment I ever received!!!
    Thanx a lot Sabine !!!
  • s. sabine krause 26/07/2010 9:05

    i really like this! it's one of those shots which draws attention to the "spherical shape" of our planet (use of a wide-angle lense?!), and tells a story that way: an earthling, a humanoid ; )) is taking care of his very own small spot on earth – his private little haven/microcosm, where settled, built himself home, and is now performing his regular "summer duty", keeping the grass nice and trim and presentable ; ))! i like the tones and light a lot, too, makes the lit-through clouds in the sky look spectacular! kind regards, sabine.



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