Suliko, From Senaki, 34 years old.

Suliko, From Senaki, 34 years old.

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Davit Rostomashvili

Free Account, Tbilisi

Suliko, From Senaki, 34 years old.

In the rural part of Georgia social-economical conditions is still critical. The unemployment rate remains very high. People in need mostly earn on living by retail sale. Most of the sellers trade in the Tbilisi central markets. Generally they sell agricultural products that are transported from different regions often by train. The sellers are people of different age and sex; from the children of young age to old people, both women and men.

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  • Elysabeth Baumgartner 22/02/2007 20:28

    wonderful pictures, unfortunatly some are a little unsharp... i often have the same problem with pictures...
    but i really like the series