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Bogac Erguvenc

Free Account, Istanbul

Strike a Pose

I started a promotion at Etsy on my prints. If you buy any size of my signed and numbered prints, I'm giving first 30 people 1 year free silver membership at Photographia (costs 39USD): http://www.photographia.org

My Etsy Shop:http://sozesoze.etsy.com/

Personal Portfolio: http://www.bogacerguvenc.com

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  • Giorgos Fidanas 26/05/2007 1:08

    Fantastic image…! Bravo.
    regards, Giorgos
  • Dragos Ion 25/05/2007 12:39

    Excellent portrait!
    New Shoes
    New Shoes
    Dragos Ion
  • Bogac Erguvenc 23/05/2007 17:37

    Hey Kombizz, first of all I'm not your "dear", I'm straight. And it's none of your business, please go lecture someone else.
  • Kombizz Kashani 23/05/2007 12:51

    Let me see IF I understood you clear
    You ADVERTISE yourself and your photos here.
    I guess you are in a very WRONG place, my dear !
    You could advertise yourself in the FC Forum.

    I guess your advertisement note reminds me a short (teachnig) story in Farsi (Persian).
    The wiseman says that if you sell perfume in a bazzar, it does NOT need to advertise your perfume by running along the bazzar,
    the scents of perfumes brings the customer to your shop !!

    I guess it applies to you.
    If you are really a good photographer, I am sure people would call you everyday !

    like your portrait with that nice soft lighting
    indeed she has a pair of beautiful Turkish eyes and . .

  • Karin Baumgaertel 23/05/2007 8:50

    great light and detail....
  • Zahangir Kabir 23/05/2007 4:49

    Nice Potrait.