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Stormy Sunset

A HDR shot I did some time ago.

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  • Criss Steichen 08/01/2012 11:22

    How come this has 900 views while my other photos only have a little over 100?
    Thanks for the comments people!:)
  • Philehipp 07/01/2012 23:20

    What a wonderful landscape and an awesome Sunset ...

    Did you took 1 Photo and did it with Photoshop so it looks like a HDR but it isn't ? Or did you take more than 1 shot, but then their is the problem with the ghosting in the Picture ... So tell me How did you do that :D ?

    Love and Rockets,

  • Domenico Cosenza s. 01/01/2012 9:19

    Great job, both of which development and presentation. Ciao, Domenico
  • thisnameisnotavailable 29/12/2011 17:09

    This looks just beautiful! Quite dramatic! And the colors are amazing. Very nice photo.


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Camera Canon EOS 1000D
Lens ---
Aperture 2.8
Exposure time ---
Focus length 17.0 mm
ISO 100