Starshine and highlights

Starshine and highlights

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Steffen Jost

Free Account, Nidderau

Starshine and highlights

Taken with Canon EOS300D at a mediaval Market in Schlesswig/Germany.

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  • Steffen Jost 06/01/2008 15:17

    for this I didn´t use any filter. The stars around the lights close to the tent are an lucky outcome. Perhaps done by an not all clean front lense.
    But I think the Pic would have been the almost the same when you use an 6-star filter.
  • hrishikesh thakur 06/01/2008 14:25

    did u use any filter for this pic? nice i like it very much
  • Steffen Jost 06/09/2004 15:36

    I did´t remebert the shutter time, but fortunatly I know where I could find it!
    After looking at the EXIF-Data of this Image I could give those dates:
    Exposure Time : 30 sec
    Focal Lenght : 17 mm
    Iso Speed Rating : 1600
    Aperture Value : 2,8
  • Losco Individuo 02/09/2004 15:09

    nice foto, good job? do you remember shutter time used ?