Spuren des Lebens

Spuren des Lebens

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Nadejda Assenova

Free Account, Zürich

Spuren des Lebens

Rajasthan, India

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  • Darinka Mladenovic 27/12/2005 6:33

  • Abdul Khaliq 27/12/2005 6:33

    Agrees with Stuart. That's not a cigar it is Hubly Bubly, croping spoiled the efects of it. Sorry put CONTRA for this woderful potrait.
  • Marc Erpelding 27/12/2005 6:32

    Very imressive portrait, but I think that the cropped finger is disturbing. Sorry, contra.
  • don ricchilino 27/12/2005 6:32

  • H E aus E 27/12/2005 6:32

  • Moritz Huber 27/12/2005 6:32

    nice picture but like the others says, the crop is unfinished. It looks like a man standing in a window, beneath the window (if u understand :-)
    sorry , contra
  • Kim Clauson 27/12/2005 6:32

    Jeremy made me laugh with his comment because I felt the same way. Finger spoils it. Contra.
  • Daniela Friedrich 27/12/2005 6:32

    great portrait would be nice to see this one in colour.
  • When 27/12/2005 6:32

    I love the textures and the character of the man.Like the black and white treating of it. I think it is too tight of a crop - it seems in between an extreme close up or a head shot. The story is lost with the finger on the hooka - exits the frame in an odd way. Too tight and traditional for the shadow of the frame.
  • Angel Pena 27/12/2005 6:32

    Too flat. Unfinished comp. -
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 27/12/2005 6:32

    wow this is a very defined portrait !
    love the B&W tones, and his face is so detailed. but the is only thing that is distracting me is his pipe is not fully in the image.
    like this alot
  • Dennis Veldman 27/12/2005 6:32

    agreed with stuart B.
  • Jeremy B 27/12/2005 6:32

    Contra. Missed it by a finger.
  • Jacky Kobelt 27/12/2005 6:32

    certainly, pro !!!
  • Stuart Borland 27/12/2005 6:32

    I feel that a potentialy powerful portrait has been spoiled by poor croping and presentation. Sorry - Contra