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Spanish Lighthouse on Corregidor

Spanish Lighthouse on Corregidor

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Carina Bucu

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Spanish Lighthouse on Corregidor

This is the only structure on Corregidor Island depicting the Philippines' Spanish era. Imagine the days of the Galleon Trade when ships came to bring goods from Europe to trade in Manila. One historical version says that all ships had to have their cargo inspected at "Isla del Corregidor" and I imagine the folks of long ago trading their wares in a plaza similar to this. (The other historical version depicts Corregidor Island as a penitentiary.)

In 1836, the original Spanish lighthouse was constructed to warn Manila Bay of incoming galleon or approaching enemies. A bigger lighthouse was built in 1897 but was destroyed during World War II. This lighthouse is now a reconstruction on the same original location but at 628 feet above sea level.

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  • Christoph Willich 29/09/2008 14:40

    Kumusta ! Very gud Pic of the Lighthouse ! It will be also
    gud for a Postcard ! Also ur description about the historic is in everyway very well ! I like it ! I am very excited for ur next fotos ! Best regards Chris .
  • The Desert Scorpion 17/09/2008 14:54

    I like picture and story!

    Best regards