South River Summer

South River Summer

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South River Summer

A landing on a quiet cove on the South River, not far from Annapolis, Maryland. Typical scene in this tranquil Chesapeake region waterscape. But what caught my eye on this July afternoon was how the clothes hanging
out to dry on the fence added an additional splash of color to the scene.

The scene was captured on Fujicolor NPF film in a Canon EOS-1000FN, through a Tamron 28-200 mm lens.

Photo + Design ©2014 Steve Ember

South River Summer - No.2
South River Summer - No.2
Steve Ember

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  • Mershee 20/09/2014 0:13

    Beautiful summer impression. The colorful clothes makes the photo special. Hope nobody was swimming, while a thief came along ;-)

  • s. sabine krause 23/07/2014 9:47

    the clothes and the fence – yes, they make the image for me! aunt polly should have checked first, though: i bet that rascal nephew of hers may have painted the fence black only a minute ago, to make her heart happy… when she will return to collect her laundry – yikes, he will be gone on his raft of course! in fact, i can imagine him sounding right now – "by the mark twain!" ; )) – – love the languid and distinctly southern summer-by-the-river mood! greetings, sabine.
  • gemblue 21/07/2014 4:27

    A colorful collection of swim wear :-) just as I would expect to see and such a hot July day - nicely presented!