Some of the tall eucalyptus timber that grows on my DaughterWendy’s Property.

Some of the tall eucalyptus timber that grows on my DaughterWendy’s Property.

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John Moore

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Some of the tall eucalyptus timber that grows on my DaughterWendy’s Property.

Hello to all my family and friends. 17th September.
We have once more done some considerable travelling since last uploading a photo.
Saturday morning, dear Wendy took us on a most relaxing drive to the Cairns Airport.
We had several stops along the way, to take a few photos; the most interesting of these stops was the Barron Falls at Kurander.
It is the traditional land of the Djabugay Aboriginal people.
In 1988 the park was placed on the World Heritage List as part
of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.
This is an area well worth visiting, if you are interested in seeing
some wonderful preserved natural Australian rain forest.
Our time was short, so we did not get to the bottom to see all the
Waterfalls, but had glimpses of a few of them through the lush heavy vegetation.
Next stop was Cairns Airport, a sad time once more saying good bye to
my wonderful Daughter Wendy.
She is such a wonderful lady!!
I am so lucky to have two wonderful kids, bless you both and thanks a
million for all the warmth and kindness shown towards us Wendy and David!!
We boarded the aircraft and flew to Brisbane.
A wait of a few hours and we boarded the plane to Malaysia.
We had three hours wait in Kuala Lumpur and had some good quality coffee and breakfast.
Then the last stage of our flight, 30 hours after leaving Wendy’s home we arrived in Bangkok.
After stepping out of the new airport, we were shocked at the weather, stormy, windy and the rain was bucketing down.
It was pleasant arriving at the hotel for a good shower and catch up on some quality sleep.
We awoke to the tragic news of the air crash at Phuket airport.
I can fully understand that the pilot would have experienced a great deal of turbulence due to the wild weather.
Sadly many of those passengers lost their lives and even sadder are the members of their families left behind.
This morning early, I was up and had some breakfast in the outdoor restaurant at the hotel and off to the dentist and shopping to get myself a new Thai mobile phone (Handy)
Dentist and phone cost me $63 Australian.
I should be in my hotel in Udon Thani in about a week, at which point I shall have a high-speed connection in my room, so that I will be able to answer all your comments.
Best wishes and God Bless You All!!


I have just been downstairs to upload the photo and message, but alas we could not change the Thai keyboard to English, and I am not sure what is in Thai.
So until tomorrow then!
18th September. Good luck this morning.
Best wishes from a cool cloudy Bangkok.


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  • Pawel Majewski 07/10/2007 13:46

    Great trees
  • Wilhelm H. 23/09/2007 0:47

    this is a great collage, my friend, showing the beauty of the forest
    Greetings Wilhelm
  • Véronique Soulier 22/09/2007 23:56

    Nice tribute for the passengers and good diary.. a pleasure.. this trees are wonderful,, I miss the smell of them.. bye VS
  • David Bu. 21/09/2007 22:01

    Your daughter must be happy to own such a wonderful property! Here in Switzerland you have to be a millionaire to afford a property of that size!

    See you, David
  • Anca Silvia B. 19/09/2007 8:28

    Kind regards,Anca
  • Claudia Lotz 18/09/2007 22:46

    a very beautiful Park, you make nice Photos!
    I wish your the best and manny nice Days
  • fleeting memory 18/09/2007 20:15

    what a great picture, john! spring time in oz!
    the property seems really awesome!
    all the best in thailand!
    i will be there soon as well!
    cheers, claudia
  • Carsten Knodel 18/09/2007 19:54

    Great shoots, John! At August I was also in this area and I can say, yes it´s a very beautiful area.
    Best wishes Carsten
  • Michael Henderson 18/09/2007 16:20

    Great shot John. I'm glad all is well and you arrived safely.
    Sorry to hear about the crash it's always a shame. Take care.

    Best Wishes.
  • JVision 18/09/2007 16:08

    What a big property and so beautiful with the eucalyptus trees. Very well presented. I am happy that you was spening such a wonderful time with your kids.
    Have a save trip John.
    Greetings from all
  • Wolfgang Kölln 18/09/2007 15:29

    Nice picture, John. It must be a very large property!
    Cheers Wolfgang
  • Katjuschka W. 18/09/2007 14:29

    Dear John, you are carrying the name "Walkabout John" legally... With eyes opened wide I was reading your travelling story. My goodness, where all in the world you already have been!!!
    Like you I felt so sad about the airplane crash. I wonder if the wheel`s profile of this cheap flying plane have been deep enough for the wet underground there...
    Your daughter`s property must be phantastic! Thank you for your beautiful collage.
    Love from Katjuschka
  • Sabine KöllnXX 18/09/2007 13:40

    Wow - what an impressiv and lovely place!
    This trees are beautiful!
    Greetings from a cloudy and hot and polluted Bangkok -
    cu soon! :-) !!!
  • CsomorLászló 18/09/2007 13:20

    Beautiful collage!
  • Kerstin Rösler 18/09/2007 12:45

    Hey John....enjoy further your trip once more abroad and have a wonderful time ..

    many greetings kerst