Soaring over Southwark

Soaring over Southwark

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Soaring over Southwark

Seeming to stop short of tickling some passing aluminium “tummies,”
The Shard is the tallest completed building in the European Union.

I suppose one might accurately say there is great “depth of altitude” suggested in this photo,
taken along Borough High Street in London’s Borough of Southwark, for the steps under
the sign lead down to the London Bridge Tube Station, but a “neck-challenging” glance
upward reveals The Shard, soaring 309.6 meters, 1,016 feet, and 95 storeys over Southwark.

The View from the Shard, the skyscraper’s glass-enclosed public viewing gallery encompassing
the 68th, 69th, and 72nd floors, allows an almost “eye-to-eye” view (including open air on the
72nd floor) of the passing airliners, as well as a unique aerial perspective of the Thames and
its bridges, the “model trains” funneling their way into the metropolis, indeed all of London.

Next visit, oh, I…am…SO…there!

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Photo + Design ©2013 Steve Ember

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  • Susana Miguel 03/05/2013 10:05

    A photo full of contrasts, as you are raising our view up high into the sky, following the Shard's line up to the height, to fly off with that plane...

    At the same time, we know there is an area literally "Underground", with this classic sign of a well known London feature.
    And a very clever solution to cover the crane in the background...

    Lovely shot, congratulations,
  • Matthias Mempel 03/05/2013 7:40

    Amazing. I've been there 2 weeks ago. And I recognize the windows washer are still on their way. I suppose it takes at least month get all over.
    Regards, Matthias
  • David H Thomas 03/05/2013 7:23

    outstanding composition