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Seppo Straßenkehrer

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sMarT asS

J: youre such a smart arse

S: well, i know about. But hey, aren't we all kind of it?

J: I'm not really sure... I think.... I think that we all know nothing.

S: Oh, no. You can't claim that. You know....some mornings, especially on thursdays, i wake up in my 140 x 200 grave and life emerges from the perspective of god. It's really great.
I feel I can understand everyone and everything
just for a little moment. . finally COOL

J: Ok... great dream... when I get up in the morning I have to go to bathroom. Puke. This is my reality.

S: oh girl. you know.....that's your problem
You believe in the wrong god.....

there's only one LoRd

>>>>>>> LokUs pOkuS >>>>>>>>>>>

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