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Dennis Veldman

Free Account, Rotterdam


left : XIO
centre : L'estoir
right : Cindy

We exposed with this threesome of photographs at the Go Gallery Amsterdam, The exhibition was called "Aerosol Symphonies" - where contemporary art meets classical symphonies :

Size is :
220 x 80 cm

If you would like to see how the opening was

Medium:  Digital photograph. Epson archival ink print on satin photographic paper laminated on aluminum plate u-profile with transparent protective lustre foil coating.

Thanks Wen for helping us out with the text

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  • Dennis Veldman 02/12/2007 2:03

    hihi yea thats me being interviewed.. never seen teh interview on tv now that i think of it.. oh well..
  • KasiaDesign 04/10/2007 22:26

    Congratulation! Really great stuff. Liked the photos of the opening too. Was that U getting interviewed? Cheers, Kathryn
  • Dennis Veldman 28/09/2007 2:11


    i work there too Luc.. so i AM an official lievertje hahaha :D

    Wen : love
  • When 27/09/2007 21:40

    Any time my loves. It was a great birthday present for me to know you had your first gallery opening. ; )
  • Luc Grollie 27/09/2007 20:15

    great work D. !!!!! proficiat !!!!
    I think the flowers you're holding came from the wrong shop......don't see you as a "lieverdje"......lol !!!!!!!!!!
  • Dennis Veldman 27/09/2007 17:16

    yea, big fun!
    hoped to welcome some FC ppl - unfortunatly there were none..
  • Robert Riley 27/09/2007 16:06

    Excellent work Dennis, bet you had fun!
  • Dennis Veldman 27/09/2007 14:31

    A visual composition containing three portraits inspired by the music and rhythms of Sergey Prokofiev's (1891-1953) ballet operetta OP.46 The Prodigal Son Scene 1; The Siren circa 1928. Stripping the literal story from it's melody, SIRENS by Modderfokker presents a triad of portraits focused specifically on the dramatic use of sound, the building blocks to portraying the images of a woman seeking herself and finding guidance from the Sirens. Two sirens lure and captivate the pure of heart and bind the soul to it's purpose. Love or Money. Good or Evil, Tender or Harsh.